Tackle Hair Loss And Dandruff Problems
With Our 3-Step Hair Restoration Kit
Clinically Tested  -  100% Natural & Chemical-Free  -  Luxurious Spa Quality Formulated with Organic Ingredients
of the assessed subjects totally agreed or somewhat agreed with the statement “Product use fights against hair loss”

of the assessed subjects totally agreed or somewhat agreed with the statement “The product leaves hair more voluminous and less thin”
of the assessed subjects totally agreed or somewhat agreed with the statement “Product use stops the occurrence of desquamation (dandruff) of the scalp”
of the assessed subjects totally agreed or somewhat agreed with the statement “Product use stops the occurrence of dryness and itching sensation on the scalp”
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Vive Naturals 3-Step Hair Restoration Kit
 Vive Naturals Restoration Shampoo (Valued At $30)
 Vive Naturals Restoration Conditioner (Valued At $30)
 Vive Naturals Leave-In Scalp Cream (Valued At $18)
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Step 01: Shampoo
Step 02: Conditioner
Step 03: Scalp Cream
11 Natural Essential Ingredients to Help Promote Hair Restoration 
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After using the Vive body wash, the body lotion my hands not only look better but even my nails started growing in faster then even. Vive products has improved my eczema I had all over my body. Great products.

Amanda H.

I came across this rep who promised me that If I use the Vive products my skin will thank me. Well he was right because in just 10 minutes when I decided to take the before and after pictures of my skin condition felt and looked better as shown in the photos I took. Now I have some great gift ideas now that I know these products work so well and the price was reasonable considering I have paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to find the right products for my skin condition. Thanks to the Vive Naturals company for making my skin feel and look refresh.

Anna S. from Cuba

I am writing this review because I know a good products when I see one. The Vive naturals products has done for my skin what my dermatologist could not do for me in years. There chemical brands are not working for me and they want me to try even more toxic products. Since I stop using the recommended products with the chemicals and started using Vive Naturals and my skin feels alive again. I took the liberty to take a few photos are the results are naturally clear. Vive Naturals wash, lotion and facial cream not only worked on my skin but also my husband too!
Before applying and still using doctor brand/ Just 2 weeks after using Vive/ Husband instant results with the Vive lotion. 

Lucy C. from the USA

I have been using the Vive 3 step system for several months, and I’ve not had as much shedding. I never expected any miracles, but I do think this product helps and my hair feels stronger and thicker. I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner as well as the scalp cream. I like the results it’s giving me. I’ve got a few new hairs growing in the front, too. I think it’s a very reasonably priced way to help stop hair loss as much as possible and without chemicals. Great Job Vive! 

Cindy H. 

I really love this all natural brand. Just see the difference the Vive hair restoration 3-steps system has made in just 6 weeks! I am very pleased with the results. 

 Manny T. 

If I did not try the Vive Naturals 3-step shampoo, conditioner plus scalp cream I would not have seen it work, but it has and you can see the difference as I only use it around four times a week and already in one month the difference is clear. I am a true believer of Vive! 

Gary H.

My name is John and I am so glad that I found the vive products at the beauty supply store in Orlando Fl when I was visiting from Brazil. After using the shampoo-conditioner and the scalp cream for seven months me and my wife are very pleased to see my hair coming back with the vive products. Give it a try it’s looks like it’s working very well for me.

John G. from Brazil

Depois de testar os produtos naturais vive, noto meu cabelo ficando mais e mais espesso em algumas semanas. Obrigado por fazer um bom cabelo natural. Jamie L. Translation: After testing out the vive naturals products I notice my hair getting thicker and thicker within a couple of weeks. Thanks for making such a good all natural hair products.

Jamie L. from Brazil

I started using the Vive restoration shampoo conditioner and scalp cream and not even a month after I already see the effect on the top of my head and frontal area. I also noticed that my hair is no longer falling out and its growing in healthier and darker. Indeed this product came from heaven and I am glad for it. Thanks the lord for allowing me my hair back on my head. I know that this all natural products is a blessing for whoever believes and trust on it. July 2017 Thanks Vive Naturals from the bottom of my heart!

Cesar C. from the USA

Our 100% natural formulas are like vitamins for the skin, body and hair with Organic Aloe Vera as the main ingredient. We started our quest to find a solution to stop my hair from falling off more than the standard 10-30 strands a day. I notice my hair loss in my early to mid twenty’s and was given advice from my friend and co-worker about how to stop hair loss while using natural herbal ingredients. He told me his grandmother from Cuba who was living off the land and gave me a home remedy she used to help keep her hair healthy and strong. Vive adapted these botanical formulas which are based on long-standing proven and trusted family remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation. With only the finest natural and organic ingredients Vive Naturals are sourced and formulated out of a Florida manufacture facility in Melbourne Florida. These hand-selected natural extracts and antioxidants work harmoniously together to help boost the body’s natural restorative processes. We are taking the skin and hair care industry to a whole new level by combining plant based natural and organic ingredients and eliminating toxic chemicals and detoxifying DHT. Results are shown with our clients who use Vive 4-6 times a week in our testimonial page on this site. Now the challenge to our customers is to start reading the ingredients on the existing products in your home and make a comparison with our Vive Naturals products line.
- Annette & Moses
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